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Who is Curt?

Who is Curtis Loyd

A small insight into the life of Curtis ( Curt ) Loyd. Statistics about hobbies, passions and my daily activities. No need to waste your time with a long worded biography when these numbers reflect many aspects of my life. Visit my LinkedIn account for a more detailed account of my education and employment.

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The Non Daily Post

Random excerpts from my blog

Post Blizzcon 2016 post.

So it have been about a month since we flew home from the amazing experience that was Blizzcon 2016. Once again we begin the long......very long.... countdown until next year. Seeing everyone again and being back in the heat of California was a well needed change from the constant daily grind of working almost every day in the past 6 months, leading up to the con. The Adventure Begins This time was a bit different in the sense we actually knew what we were doing. In the early afternoon we arrived to our hotel and met up with friends, both

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An Even Longer Awaited Post

Abandoned? Well... here we are. It's been well over a year since my last post, no real excuses this time.... just the motivation was lacking. Now that I have settled into more of a schedule with my day to day activities, I may be posting more.... or not... who knows. Honestly the only reason I am doing this right now is that we looked at my website at work and it reminded me of why I decided to do this in the first place. I made this site for my own enjoyment and came to find that writing down thoughts

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Long Awaited Updates


So, it has been 3 months since I last made a blog post.....not too happy with that, but there has been a lot of other things going on with school...and I got lazy. Some of the notable things that have been going on: Participated in the Economist Case Competition! Finished my last full semester of my degree! Visited Calgary for another Enactus Canada Regional Exposition! Going to BlizzCon! I'll touch on all of these individually, so this post might actually be kind of lengthy. Case Competition First up is the case competition, which is something I was invited to participate

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Travel and Adventure

Sports - Travel - Experiences

There is a combination of old and new events that will be displayed here. You can visit the blog, The Non Daily Post, for more current write ups on different  travel and adventure that is going on in the life of Curt Loyd

The video currently above is a flashback of an Enactus Canada National Exposition. The exposition was in Calgary, 2014. If you would like to learn more about Enactus, specifically Enactus Okanagan College, check out our site here EnactusOC.ca


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